Carpet Cleaning

Did you know carpets can hold up to 4x it's weight in dirt!

They are the largest air filters in the room,

trapping the likes of Dust Mites, Bacteria, Virus, Skin Cells, Pollen and more..

Frequent professional cleaning is proven to remove 98% of allergens and up to 89% of airborne bacteria improving indoor air quality.

Best of all we use Eco friendly products on every clean, this assures no harm can come to any fabrics or customers!



Our Method


We use our formulated pre-spray solutions to break down oil, grease and dirt in the higher traffic areas.

This helps to loosens the trapped bacteria within the fibres in preparation for the clean.


Stain removal

Our next step is to work on the more stubborn stains,

with the right spot remover used for each mark we lightly scrub using a fibre brush and allow the solution to work its magic.

Wash & Extraction

With our high pressured extraction machine, we combine boiling hot water and our trusted eco based solutions to reach deep in the fibres, breaking down dirt while immediately pulling the moisture with contaminants into a concealed waste tank. 

Leaving the carpets clean and protected.

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